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When people in movies run directly away from the train / boulder / truck / etc instead of just like, taking two steps to the side of it

OH NO A GIGANTIC TREE FALLING OVER *runs away directly along its length*


Bucky knows what’s up

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  reasons to love this romanian cutie

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If I’m quiet I’m either sad or thinking about sex

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i was watching the first avenger and wondering how Bucky knew Steve was getting his ass kicked in the back of some random alley behind a movie theatre

like does he just check alleyways whenever he’s walking down a street to see if Steve’s started another fight he can’t finish

the answer is probably yes

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LA’s a very hard place to be unless you have people there that love you. It can be very, very lonely, and it can eat you up if you don’t take care of yourself. In LA, nobody wants to talk to each other, everybody’s giving each other catty looks. 

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what i look for in a partner: drift compatibility

New York Moves Magazine

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U2 | 1981

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hearing people chew is seriously the worst sound in the world

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